“I just bought a new car and needed to shop around for car insurance since my coverage with a prior insurance company was increasing dramatically. So I did what any modern researcher would do: Turn to social media for answers! In response to a Facebook post, it was recommended that I give Tiffani of Gardena General Insurance a call.

Working with an agent is really cool because they will shop around for rates for you, they will explain and educate you in all that confusing insurance policy lingo, they will help you decide the best coverage for you, and they will deal with the insurance company for you. I like it better than speaking with the insurance companies directly because I always felt like the insurance company is just trying to make a sale rather than being mindful of my specific needs and budget. It used to stress me out. But when Tiffani entered the picture, she made this whole process seem easy peasy! She got me the exact coverage I wanted at the rate I was willing to pay. Sweet!

Here’s another perk: If my coverage rate increases in the future, I can give Tiffani a call and she’ll deal with the insurance company to investigate and possibly prevent the increase if she can. How awesome is it to have someone like that have your back? 😀

Wondering if working with an agent cost extra? Not at all! I was only charged for my auto insurance coverage – no added fees! So why not save yourself a headache and get help from an agent. Lastly, I found out that this family-owned business has been around for over 100 years which I think is pretty cool! Much respect to small businesses, let alone a business that has sustained themselves for over a century! They must be doing something right 🙂

Support small businesses!”

Harmonie T.
Los Angeles, CA

“What a great experience it was working with Tiffani for our Home Owner and Auto Insurance. Knowing the correct coverage needed for our home and auto can be challenging however Tiffani explained in detail what each coverage was and how it applied. Her knowledge with Insurance is exceptional. When calling, the staff was always so friendly and helpful. Tiffani was able to save us a few hundred dollars a year. I highly recommend Gardena General Insurance!!”

Sheri B.
Gardena, CA

“My girlfriend and I bought a new house and we’re shopping for home and auto insurance. When we came across Gardena general we were instantly pleased with the service, proffesionalism and knowledge not to mention the savings! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks guys, you have lifetime customers…”

Nick M.
Gardena, CA