Speak with an Agent About Home Insurance?

If you recently purchased a home, then home insurance is something you need to take out as soon as possible. In fact, this is a requirement for most mortgage companies, so you should look into it before you ever sign on the dotted line for the loan. However, do you know which policy to sign up for? If not, below are some situations where you should seek the advice of an insurance agent.

1. It’s Your First Home

A lot of things are new when you buy your first home, from going through the buying process to figuring out what your budget is going to be like. Insurance for your home will also be new, which is why at Gardena General Insurance Agency, we always recommend that you speak with an agent first. They will explain the differences in coverage and help you put together a policy that’s ideal for your budget, needs, and home.

2. You Have Special Belongings

Do you have expensive paintings or a new pool outside of your home? If so, an agent is going to help you with adding special riders that cover these in the even they are damaged or stolen. Their help with provide you with immense peace of mind knowing your belongings are insured.

3. You Live in a Flood Zone

At Gardena General Insurance Agency we know it can be difficult to figure out insurance when you live in a flood zone or any other special type of area. Fortunately an agent can walk you through this information so you’re set up with a policy that’s right for your home’s location.

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